Farmed Atlantic Salmon

When you see the RSPCA Approved logo on salmon you can be confident that this product has come from a farm with a focus on welfare.

On the farm

The RSPCA’s Standards for farmed Atlantic salmon focus on ensuring good farming practices, fish handling, husbandry and management. For good fish welfare, fish have space to swim normally in oxygen-rich water and can school with other fish, they are handled in a low stress manner and slaughtered humanely. During their life onshore or when released offshore there’s a focus on providing for salmon’s behavioural and physical needs.

Salmon have

  • Oxygen-rich water to swim in
  • Are closely monitored to ensure they are kept in good health
  • Enjoy enough space to swim effortlessly
  • Can perform schooling behaviour with other salmon


RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme Standards are based on animal welfare science, RSPCA policy, leading farming practices in Australia and overseas and take account of the commercial realities associated with farming. Livestock industries and individual producers also provide input. The standards are reviewed every five years and are publicly available.

The Standard - Farmed Atlantic Salmon


Information Notes – Farmed Atlantic Salmon


Operations Manual


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Our impact

1.6 million salmon have benefitted from better conditions since 2016

1,697,941 salmon

farmed to RSPCA Approved standards in 2018

19 farm assessments

during 2018

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