Coles Free Range Chicken

Coles source free range RSPCA Approved chicken from farms that have the RSPCA Approved certification.  

These farms provide meat chickens with perches that promote activity and increase leg health, quality, dry friable litter to scratch, dustbathe and forage in, along with light periods that encourage activity and dark periods for rest.  

RSPCA Approved meat chickens on farms that meet the RSPCA’s outdoor requirements are encouraged to explore the outdoors with a quality range that provides the birds with shade cover, vegetation, and protection from predators.  

These, along with over 400 requirements that are assessed 2-4 times per year, mean that meat chickens on farms with RSPCA Approved certification are reared in a way that meets their physical and behavioural needs – ultimately leading to better welfare.  

Range is available nationally on select products  

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