Coles Free Range Pork

Coles Free Range Pork products use RSPCA Approved pork.

Coles sources pork for its Coles Free Range Pork products from a handpicked group of RSPCA Approved farms in WA. For these lucky farmers, the combination of the climate and the soil type have created idyllic farming conditions for their free range pigs, who enjoy space to move, explore and socialise with each other. These farmers are working hard to ensure they maximise the welfare of their pigs, whilst minimising their impact on the environment and producing a great quality product.

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On the RSPCA’s Humane Food Podcast host Brian Daly interviews Coles’ Head of Quality and Responsible Sourcing, James Whittaker. Hear James discuss what Coles is doing to improve animal welfare, particularly with their free-range pork suppliers.

Coles is the only national supermarket to offer year round RSPCA Approved chicken and pork products and RSPCA Approved ham and turkey at Christmas.

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