The Sporting Globe

The Sporting Globe is more than just a sports bar. With a commitment to serving food with ingredients sourced from the very best suppliers, The Sporting Globe is proud to use exclusively RSPCA Approved chicken across its entire menu nationwide.

RSPCA Approved meat chickens are raised by producers who are regularly assessed against the RSPCA’s detailed animal welfare standards. Within the RSPCA’s meat chicken standard there are over 400 requirements all focused on providing meat chickens with a better quality of life.

Farms raising RSPCA Approved meat chickens are assessed 2-4 times per year by specially trained RSPCA Assessors who are well versed in animal behaviour and carefully check the farm against the RSPCA’s requirements. Importantly RSPCA Assessors also assess abattoirs who process RSPCA Approved meat chickens on an annual basis, as part of a Producers certification.  

Available at restaurants nationally.

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