La Ionica Chicken Skewers

La Ionica

La Ionica started with humble beginnings and has always strived for better meat chicken welfare.

When you see the RSPCA Approved logo on La Ionica chicken products, this means that the birds have been raised to the RSPCA’s detailed animal welfare Standard.

These meat chickens are reared in an enriched barn environment where they can perch, encouraging activity and improves leg health, and have quality, dry friable litter so they can peck, scratch, and dust bathe – all behaviours that meat chickens have a strong motivation to do. These are just some of the 421 detailed requirements in the Standard that producers have to meet to maintain RSPCA Approved certification.

These farms are regularly assessed by specially trained Assessors to make sure the RSPCA’s standards are being met, and abattoirs are assessed annually as part of the RSPCA Approved certification.

Available at a range of butchers located in Victoria which can be found on the La Ionica website.