Herbert Adams

Herbert Adams has been creating delicious gourmet pies and pastries in Australia for over a century, combining the best quality ingredients with signature flaky pastry.  Passionate in pie-oneering premium crafted baked goods, Herbert Adams only uses chicken from RSPCA Approved certified producers.

Certified producers are regularly assessed by specially trained RSPCA Assessors, to make sure all 400+ requirements of the RSPCA Approved Standard are consistently met. Meat chickens on farms with certification have more space to move and stretch their wings, as well as good lighting that encourages activity during the day, with proper dark periods for rest at night. The birds can also perch, dustbathe and forage, which leads to better health and welfare. And that’s just some of the 421 specific requirements in the Standard, all with the aim of improving animal welfare.

Maintaining welfare during transport and slaughter is equally important, with 109 requirements also regularly assessed. In fact, in 2022 alone, more than 1,030 assessments were conducted at meat chicken farms and abattoirs by RSPCA Assessors as part of Producers’ RSPCA Approved certification.