Rohde's Free Range Eggs

John and Ange Rohde have put hen welfare at the core of their business and have been certified by the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme for over 17 years.

As demand has grown for eggs that are farmed in a way that gives hens a good life, so too has the Rohde’s family farm. Now about 80,000 hens roam their free-range farm in SA’s Clare Valley and the Rohde’s son Martin is their General Manager. Making animal welfare a priority that transcends generations.   

Rohde’s hens are farmed with consideration for their physical and behavioural needs with plenty of space to move, stretch and flap their wings, secluded nesting places to lay their eggs, perches to rest and keep their bones and muscles strong, and litter to scratch and dustbathe in. Hens can roam outside during the day and scratch and peck, all with plenty of vegetation and shade. 

Rohde’s Free Range RSPCA Approved Eggs are available in independent stores in SA and VIC. 

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