Rohde's Free Range Eggs

John and Ange Rohde from Rohde’s Free Range Eggs in South Australia’s Clare Valley have been producing RSPCA Approved eggs for more than 10 years. This family business is committed to ensuring its hens are free to roam outdoors, and scratch, peck and dust bathe all day long.

A day in the life of a Rohde’s hen is a happy one and includes:
– Laying their eggs in secluded indoor nest boxes
– Dustbathing in litter to clean and maintain their feathers whenever they like
– Perching to help them feel safe while also strengthening their bones and muscles
– Roaming around outside with plenty of grass and dirt to scratch and peck

Available in independent stores and select Woolworths in SA. Also available in independent stores in VIC & NSW (Sydney Produce Markets).

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