Hazeldenes Free Range Chicken

Hazeldenes Free Range chickens are raised on farms with RSPCA Approved certification.

These meat chickens are raised to the RSPCA’s Standard for Meat Chickens which has a strong focus on their welfare, and continuous improvement. With over 400 requirements, raising meat chickens to the Standard means they are provided with enriched, higher welfare environments, when inside the shed and outdoors, that meet their behavioural and physiological needs.

During the day when weather permits, birds have access to an outdoor area with plenty of space to forage and explore. During the night or when weather isn’t ideal birds have an enriched barn to stay safe inside, with perches, pecking objects and dry friable litter – all to encourage their natural behaviours.

The farms are assessed 2-4 times per year by specially trained RSPCA Assessors who make sure that the Standard is being met. Equally important to having a good life is a humane death, and Hazeldenes abattoirs are assessed annually against the RSPCA’s Standard.

Available at Harris Farm Markets and selected independent retailers throughout NSW and Victoria.