Ingham’s are a proud Producer of RSPCA Approved chicken and have worked with the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme for many years, supplying Australia’s supermarkets with certified higher welfare chicken.

When you see the RSPCA Approved certification on an Ingham’s product you can be sure it has come from a farm that has been regularly assessed by RSPCA Assessors to check conformance with the RSPCA’s detailed animal welfare Standard for meat chickens. In 2021 alone, 345 assessments were conducted at Ingham’s farms by our Assessors across the country.

The Standard has over 400 requirements covering the whole life (and death) of the birds, with a focus on providing for their physical and mental needs. All Ingham’s sheds meet the Standard’s indoor requirements, and the company are working hard to achieve certification against the Standard’s outdoor requirements for where meat chickens are free range.

This means that meat chickens on Ingham’s farms are reared with a focus on welfare throughout their lifecycle, well beyond what’s legally required.