Woolworths Salmon

Select Woolworths own branded fresh salmon is certified RSPCA Approved.  

When  you see the RSPCA Approved certification on select Woolworths salmon, you can be sure that this salmon has come from farms with a focus on welfare for the entire lifecycle of the fish. Salmon on RSPCA Approved farms have space to swim effortlessly and can perform natural schooling behaviours. There’s a focus on good stockpersonship, low-stress handling and management to protect salmon from stress, injury and disease. RSPCA Approved Salmon live in oxygen-rich water and are provided with a quality and nutritious diet. Importantly all salmon on RSPCA Approved farms are stunned at slaughter to ensure a humane death. To make sure the RSPCA Standards are met, RSPCA Approved salmon farms are regularly assessed by RSPCA Assessors.

Look for the RSPCA Approved salmon logo on pack at your local Woolworths.

Available WA, SA, NT, VIC and TAS