When you see the RSPCA Approved certification on pork you can be confident that this product has come from a farm with a focus on welfare.

On The Farm

Pigs on RSPCA Approved farms have the space to move, forage, socialise and explore. Whether raised indoors or with access to the outdoors, there’s a focus on providing for pigs’ behavioural and physical needs. Sow stalls and traditional farrowing crates are not allowed under the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme.

Have space to move and aren’t confined to sow stalls or crates

Can forage and socialise with other pigs

Enjoy a comfortable, dry area to rest

Aren’t tail docked, teeth clipped or surgically castrated


Pigs on RSPCA Approved farms have space to move, forage, socialise and explore. The RSPCA Standard allows for enriched indoor and outdoor housing that meet the needs of the pigs.

Note: Exemptions to specific standards on particular sites may be granted on rare occasions, but only where the RSPCA can see that animal welfare is not compromised.

RSPCA Approved Pork Products

Our Impact

92,084 PIGS

farmed to the RSPCA Standard in 2022


have benefitted from better conditions since 2009