The Good Chooks at Hazeldenes

What does RSPCA Approved on products actually mean? Over the coming months, we’re helping conscientious consumers Know the Story, by taking a deep dive into some of the brands that have achieved the difficult task of meeting and maintaining RSPCA Approved certification requirements – what this all means, from the farm to supermarket shelves, and how it results in a better life for animals on farm. 

Hazeldenes has a strong track record of improving meat chicken welfare. In 2014 they helped pave the way for Coles to launch their own brand fresh RSPCA Approved chicken, starting a ripple effect across the Australian chicken category that has since seen many Aussie meat chickens have a better quality of life.  

Hazeldenes have a range of products that have RSPCA Approved certification under their brands The Good Chook, Hazeldenes Free Range and The Bare Bird.  

Meat chickens reared by Hazeldenes for The Good Chook live in enriched barns, on farms throughout Victoria. These farms are regularly assessed against the RSPCA’s Standard for Meat Chickens in order to achieve and maintain RSPCA Approved certification – in fact they are assessed two to four times a year. With over 400 requirements, raising meat chickens to the Standard means that the birds can have their physical and behavioural needs met.  

Chickens reared for Hazeldenes Free Range and The Bare Bird come from RSPCA Approved farms that take pride in raising their birds in enriched barns with access to the outdoors to forage and explore. At night or in poor weather, birds are kept safely inside, with perches, objects to peck, and dry, friable litter – all to encourage their natural behaviours which ultimately leads to better welfare.

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2 responses to “The Good Chooks at Hazeldenes”

  1. Linda says:

    Please tell me where I can get R.S.P.C.A. approved eggs in Melbourne, ( N.E. suburbs ).

    • RSPCA Approved says:

      Hi Linda,

      Thank you for your interest in RSPCA Approved Farming and purchasing products farmed to higher welfare standards.

      Only meat, fish and egg products that feature the RSPCA Approved logo have our certification, so it’s important to look for the logo. Rohdes Free Range Eggs are available in select Woolworths, Foodbuy and independent retailers across VIC and SA.

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