Subway Meats – doing their part for meat chicken welfare 

Coming from humble beginnings in Adelaide’s central markets, Subway Meats has been supplying fine meats to Adelaide and Australia since 1977 and is one of Adelaide’s largest and most respected wholesalers. Subway Meats is now sourcing RSPCA Approved chicken!  

This means that Subway Meats is sourcing from farms with the RSPCA Approved certification – farms where meat chickens are provided with environments that cater for their behavioural and physical needs. For meat chickens this includes providing them with perches for their leg health; quality, dry litter in which they can forage and dust bathe, and lighting programs that promote activity in the day while making sure birds can rest at night.  

Subway Meats chicken products can be found in independent supermarkets in South Australia – just look for the RSPCA Approved certification!  

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