Barossa Fine Foods – Bringing you RSPCA Approved small goods 

Barossa Fine Foods sources RSPCA Approved chicken and free range RSPCA Approved pork for a select range of products sold exclusively at Woolworths. This means that they source from trusted farms with the RSPCA Approved certification; farms that provide their animals with enriched environments that meet their needs.

For meat chickens this means perches, which encourage activity and increase leg health, and quality dry litter in which they can peck, scratch and dust bathe – as well as much more (in fact, there are more than 400 separate requirements under the RSPCA Approved Standard for meat chickens). Meat chicken farms with the RSPCA Approved certification are assessed 2-4 times a year by specially trained RSPCA Assessors, with abattoirs assessed annually.

Pigs on a free-range farm with RSPCA Approved certification have access to the outdoors all year round where they can perform natural behaviours like wallowing, foraging and exploring. These pigs are also provided with bedding and enrichment, which is especially important for sows (mother pigs) so they can build a nest for their young. Pig farms with the RSPCA Approved certification are assessed twice a year, with abattoirs assessed annually.

Look out for the RSPCA Approved certification on Barossa Fine Food products in select Woolworths stores nationally.

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