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The Iconic Brand Delivering on Higher-Welfare

Etched in our minds from a young age, certain brands that featured as pantry staples now evoke memories of our childhoods. To Know the Story of RSPCA Approved is to know one such iconic family brand, Campbell’s. Making products in country Victoria for over 60 years, in 2017 Campbell’s switched to using 100% RSPCA Approved chicken in Campbell’s Real Stock Chicken

Chicken in Campbell’s Real Stock is sourced from farms with RSPCA Approved certification, meaning they are raised in an enriched barn that meets the RSPCA’s detailed animal welfare standards.  

This means that the birds have more space to move and stretch their wings, as well as good lighting that encourages activity during the day, with proper dark periods for rest at night. Meat chickens can also perch, dustbathe and forage, which leads to better health and welfare. And that’s just some of the 421 specific requirements in the Standard, all with the aim of improving animal welfare. 

While the RSPCA Approved logo is a familiar sight on a range of products and synonymous with a better life for farm animals, there is still more work to be done while many packaged foods continue to feature proteins from animals raised in conventional farming systems where their welfare hasn’t been the focus. 

The first and only brand to offer customers RSPCA Approved chicken stock, Campbell’s knows that consumers are looking for higher welfare products. For many conscientious consumers wanting to take the extra step and ensure the ingredients in the packaged foods they buy also come from animals farmed to better welfare standards, it’s encouraging to see brands such as Campbell’s committed to using higher-welfare ingredients.     

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