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If you’re eating out, did you know that frequenting restaurants that serve higher welfare food is a great way to support farm animal welfare? Over the coming months, we’re helping conscientious consumers to better Know the Story by delving behind the scenes of the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme. Today we take a look at the great work of Grill’d Healthy Burgers, the first restaurant chain to source RSPCA Approved chicken, a forward-thinking brand and a long-term supporter of better animal welfare. 

Initially sourcing free-range eggs, including in their sauces and Low-Carb Super Bun, Grill’d knows the importance of supporting better hen welfare. Fast-forward to 2016, and Grill’d became one of the first restaurants to proudly source 100% RSPCA Approved chicken. 

“It’s not just about what we’re eating, but where it has come from. With so much misinformation around ethical sourcing, the trust we have from our customers to source the best quality produce is an important responsibility.”

Grill’d Healthy Burgers

Meat chickens on farms with RSPCA Approved certification experience a better quality of life as a result of the more than 300 requirements in each of RSPCA’s animal-specific standards. Importantly, the standards outline requirements that encourage animals to express their natural behaviours. For meat chickens, this means they have more space, are encouraged to perch, dustbathe and forage, and much more. By sourcing RSPCA Approved chicken, Grill’d sets a valuable example and helps you, the consumer, to support better farm animal welfare.   

Farms that supply Grill’d must meet the RSPCA’s strict standards and undergo regular on-farm assessments, but the work doesn’t stop there. For these forward-thinking restaurants it requires a rigorous traceability assessment each year, to ensure every part of the supply chain that handles RSPCA Approved product conforms to the Chain of Custody Standard.  

With continuous improvement in mind, we look forward to ongoing work with businesses supporting better animal welfare as well as their supply chains to improve handling, housing and health of farm animals.

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