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Doing Things Differently Drives Demand for Higher-Welfare Food

Part of knowing the RSPCA Approved story is learning more about the forward-thinking brands that have committed to sourcing higher-welfare products. When businesses make RSPCA Approved products available to consumers, this helps drive more demand for higher-welfare options which importantly results in more animals being raised where their behavioural and physical needs are met.

ALDI has been offering Australians a unique shopping experience for more than 20 years. But did you know that ALDI Australia sees prioritising animal welfare as an important part of being a responsible business?  Today, we delve into ALDI’s commitment to helping drive demand for higher-welfare food.   

In 2020 ALDI put RSPCA Approved chicken on their shelves, knowing that the RSPCA Approved logo is well recognised as an indicator that animals have been raised to better welfare standards and that this is important to their customers. Research shows that 73% of Australians believe animal welfare is an important consideration when purchasing food products at the supermarket. As Australia’s leading independent certification focused on animal welfare, RSPCA’s standards exceed Australia’s legal requirements which means when customers see the RSPCA Approved logo, they can be assured the product comes from animals that have been raised with welfare in mind.

ALDI has now transitioned 100% of their own brand fresh barn raised chicken products to have RSPCA Approved certification, meaning Australians can look for the RSPCA Approved logo in ALDI stores across the country to buy certified higher-welfare chicken. This is important because research shows that the vast majority of Australians care about farm animal welfare and this sentiment is evenly spread throughout regional and metropolitan areas.

Barn-raised meat chickens on farms with RSPCA Approved certification live in enriched barns, have more space to move about, lighting periods to encourage activity and dark periods for rest, can perch to rest and keep their bones and muscles strong, and enjoy dry litter floor covering to scratch, forage and dust bathe. 

ALDI is also working toward a commitment for eggs sold in cartons to be from cage-free hens by 2025, supporting the ongoing consumer demand to free Australia’s hens from barren battery cages.  

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