Small Batch making their mark with RSPCA Approved chicken

The makers behind Small Batch by Tradition Smallgoods are passionate about using quality ingredients. That’s why, for their chicken and burgundy sausages, they have chosen to source higher welfare RSPCA Approved chicken.  

Found on the shelf in most Coles supermarkets, Small Batch sausages use chicken sourced from farms with RSPCA Approved certification. On these farms birds are raised in an enriched barn environment. This means there are:  

Perches throughout which encourages birds to be active and helps them build stronger bones and muscles in their legs and wings. 

Bright and shiny disks or chains that birds can peck at and play with for entertainment. 

Quality and dry litter covering the floor which allows birds to dustbathe (flicking dust into their feathers to keep them clean and free from bugs). 

Proper lighting that’s bright during the day to encourage activity and has a period of complete darkness at night to allow birds to rest. 

Temperature controlled so that birds aren’t cold or too hot. 

Lower stocking densities so that birds have more space to move around. 

Small Batch are also doing packaging differently. By using a recyclable cardboard box, they are using 70% less plastic packaging than the traditional tray and film packaging. 

Find out more about what it means for chickens on farms with RSPCA Approved certification


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  1. Barbara Ack rill says:

    The commercials for the pigs that are in tiny tiny concrete squares really used to upset me I hope this means that they are being phased out. Anyway very interested in your article and any other but comes my way about the welfare of farm animals thank you for everything you’re doing

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