An indoor chicken facing the camera

The Sporting Globe scores a goal for meat chicken welfare

Good news sports fans: The Sporting Globe is now exclusively serving RSPCA Approved chicken across its entire menu nationwide. With a commitment to sourcing quality ingredients from leading suppliers, The Sporting Globe is proud to count meat chicken producers with the RSPCA Approved certification among them.   

Under the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme Standard, meat chickens are encouraged to do the things that come naturally to them in an enriched environment. This includes space to move and flap their wings, good lighting with proper dark periods to encourage activity and rest, quality litter in which to scratch and dust bathe, and perches to rest and keep their bones and muscles strong.  

In fact, there are 421 requirements within the Standard that cover the birds’ entire life cycle, with regular assessments by specially trained RSPCA Assessors to make sure that these standards – which go well beyond what’s required under the law – continue to be met.   

Join us in saying thanks to The Sporting Globe for their commitment to meat chicken welfare.    


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