Subway Proud to be Cage Free!

Did you know 40% of Australia’s eggs are used in the food service industry and that most of these eggs are cage eggs? It’s a huge number! We’re passionate about getting hens out of cages and we know Australians are too, so how can you help?

We’ve recently seen huge moves by the food service industry towards more ethical sourcing. Whether it’s your local eating spot or a restaurant that’s part of a larger group, it’s all great news for farm animals. So getting behind eateries dedicated to making the switch to cage-free eggs is an easy way to make a big difference.

The RSPCA’s Choose Wisely is an online directory making it easy to find a café, restaurant or eatery in your area serving humane food. Check it out and share with your family and friends as there are some great eating spots listed!

As 2016 starts, we’re super excited to also have Subway Australia sign up with Choose Wisely. Subway Australia is the largest quick service business in the country with over 1,450 stores serving more than 5 million cage-free eggs this year. Switching to cage-free eggs is a big deal for Subway customers and a win for Aussie hens.

What can you do to get behind Choose Wisely?
– Make your go to when eating out.
– Ask your favourite café or restaurant to join Choose Wisely. Let them know it’s free!
– When you’re eating out, ask which dishes on the menu use humane food and choose the ones that do.
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