What it means to shop better, eat better this holiday season

Just like every year, the silly season has snuck up on us and is just around the corner. Each year, we like to encourage Australians who eat meat and eggs to choose higher welfare products for their Christmas feasts.

That means looking for brands that source products from farms with a focus on welfare, and supporting them when you’re out shopping. It might seem like a small act on your part, but it makes a big difference to the lives of millions of farm animals every year in Australia.

How does choosing humane food actually make a difference?

While some choose not to eat meat, eggs or dairy, the majority of Australians still consume animal products, meaning animals will continue to be farmed for food. With this in mind, it’s incredibly important that welfare is considered throughout their lives.

Choosing higher welfare when you shop helps drive demand for those products, which in turn helps move more and more of animal production in Australia towards higher welfare systems. It’s through the choices of compassionate Australians like you that the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme has continued to grow since its launch in 1996 – and has now improved the lives of over 2 billion animals across the country!

Animals on RSPCA Approved farms have access to the environments and husbandry practices they need for their physical and psychological welfare. This is especially important when it comes to pigs and turkeys – two of the most highly chosen meats for Christmas tables.

Pigs on RSPCA Approved farms never suffer the confinement of sow stalls or farrowing crates, and are able to socalise, forage, and exhibit their natural exploratory behaviours. Similarly, turkeys are raised in environments that give them the room to stretch their wings, dustbathe in high quality litter, peck and forage.

Where can I find higher welfare pork and turkey this Christmas?

The good news is, it’s getting easier and easier to find RSPCA Approved products for your table! In fact, Coles stocks free range RSPCA Approved pork, free range RSPCA Approved turkey, and indoor raised RSPCA Approved turkey ready for your holiday meals.

If choosing chicken, then all Coles and Woolworths fresh chicken is RSPCA Approved. With Coles brand’s free range also sourced from RSPCA Approved farms.

Find out more about the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme – including information about the RSPCA’s detailed animal welfare standards rspcaapproved.org.au

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