Coles Finest Free Range Turkey

Coles Finest Free Range Turkey products use humanely farmed RSPCA Approved turkey.

Coles sources turkey for its Coles Finest Free Range Turkey products from RSPCA Approved farms in NSW’s Hunter Valley. On these farms, turkeys have space to move and access to the outdoors. Turkeys also enjoy perches, straw and toys to keep them entertained and happy when inside the barn.

Available nationally (Christmas period)

The conscious consumer’s guide to shopping at Coles for Christmas

Coles cares about where its food comes from and as one of Australia’s leading supermarkets, it is committed to working towards a sustainable future that supports local farmers and food producers. This includes working with RSPCA Approved farms and brands to offer shoppers a range of humanely farmed products, including fresh chicken, pork and turkey, as well as ready-made meals.

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