Choosing RSPCA Approved Salmon just became a whole lot easier

For over a decade Woolworths has worked closely with the RSPCA to improve the welfare of farm animals in their supply chains. For example, Woolworths has been an integral part of changing the meat chicken industry in Australia by sourcing RSPCA Approved chicken for their own brand products, meaning that millions of meat chickens are living better lives because they are farmed to the RSPCA’s detailed animal welfare Standard.

Now, in exciting news, Woolworths has a range of fresh RSPCA Approved salmon products. When you see the RSPCA Approved certification on select Woolworths fresh salmon you can be sure that this salmon has come from farms that prioritise welfare for the entire lifecycle of the fish. Only salmon that has come from farms which meet the RSPCA’s Standard and undergo our robust certification process can display the RSPCA Approved certification on pack.

The RSPCA’s Standard for farmed Atlantic salmon has over 500 requirements, which have been developed using the best available animal welfare science and industry-leading practices. For example, salmon on farms that meet the Standard have plenty of space to swim effortlessly so they can perform natural schooling behaviours. By meeting the Standard there’s a strong focus on good stockpersonship, low-stress handling and management to protect salmon from stress, injury and disease. RSPCA Approved Salmon also live in oxygen-rich water and are provided with a quality and nutritious diet. And importantly, all RSPCA Approved salmon are stunned at slaughter to ensure a humane death.

To make sure the RSPCA Standard is met, salmon farms with RSPCA Approved certification are regularly assessed by RSPCA Assessors. Marine sites are assessed at least every two years, freshwater sites every year and all animal handling procedures are assessed every year. To date, since the RSPCA first released its Standard for farmed Atlantic salmon in 2016, 84 assessments have been conducted at farms with the RSPCA Approved certification.

The UN reports that aquaculture is the fastest growing animal protein production sector. Because of this, here at the RSPCA we believe that animal welfare must be considered when salmon are farmed, particularly as fish do feel pain and have their own species-specific needs. By supporting producers that prioritise animal welfare, and sourcing certified higher welfare salmon like this, Woolworths are part of the future of higher welfare farming.

Find out more about the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme and our impact here. 

You can find select Woolworths own branded fresh RSPCA Approved salmon in stores in Western Australia, South Australia, the NT, Victoria and Tasmania. Look for the logo in a store near you!

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