A jam about jam

Forget marmalade, strawberry and blackberry, there’s a new wave of jams hitting a cafe corner near you and I encourage you to spread liberally!

I’ve always been a berry jam girl at heart and although I’ve wanted to be a marmalade fan – Mr M and I just didn’t see eye to eye. But forget blackcurrant, I’ve found some new varieties…

On a holiday to Palm Cove in Far North Queensland I discovered the most incredible flavoured coconut jam – and now I’m hooked!  It’s sweet, with a shredded texture, browned and caramelised to perfection – a bottle of pure golden goodness. Forget breakfast – it’s so good that it also doubles as a great topping on vanilla ice-cream.  If you’re a coconut fan you’ll be licking this jam from the spoon!

When a colleague recently honeymooned in Palm Cove, I wished her well, handed her some cash and asked could she grab me a few bottles of NuNu Coconut jam to add to my stockpile (after all we are entering a Canberra winter)!

I’m also a fan of another jam variety found at a local cafe – Zucchero. Now, I’ll be honest, it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea – but this Banana Jam spread on rustic toast with melted butter is perfection! It’s sweet (you’ll notice a pattern developing here) and slightly caramelised but spreads easily (quite an important jam trait) and if Zucchero bottled it, I’d be buying the first batch.

Zucchero Café is also registered as an RSPCA Choose Wisely café – cooking only with cage-free eggs! Which means washing down banana jam with one of their mouth-watering creme brulee, berry or lime tarts is a must and of course – very humane!

Zucchero Café
Shop 2/21 Bouganville House
Manuka ACT 2603
02) 6295 9272

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Zucchero Café

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