6 ways your choices have made the lives of farm animals better in 2018

As 2019 kicks off, we want to take a moment to reflect on the year that was, and some of the incredible gains we made together when it comes to humane food and improving the welfare of farm animals.

Here are six ways that your choices at the supermarket and when dining out have made an impact on the way animals were farmed for the better in 2018:

The first RSPCA Approved farmed Atlantic salmon product is now available instore
If you’re a fan of salmon, you’ll be pleased to know that one of Australia’s most popular salmon brands, Huon Salmon, became the first brand to offer RSPCA Approved salmon in 2018, putting fish health and welfare at the centre of their operations.

The RSPCA’s animal welfare standards for farmed Atlantic salmon focus on providing a well-managed environment where fish have lower stocking densities, oxygen-rich water and can express natural fish behaviours, like schooling. By looking for the RSPCA Approved logo on Huon Salmon you can be confident that you’re choosing a salmon that’s been humanely-raised with a focus on animal welfare.

If you have a favourite salmon brand, please get in touch with them and let them know that animal welfare is important to you. Together we can improve the lives of millions of farmed fish every year!

More restaurants sourcing RSPCA Approved ingredients for their menu
As a growing number of Australians are choosing humane food for their own kitchens, these choices are filtering through to the food service industry as well, with more of our favourite restaurants chains putting humanely-farmed RSPCA Approved ingredients onto their menus.

2018 saw one of Australia’s fastest growing restaurants embrace higher welfare with Gami Chicken & Beer now offering 100% RSPCA Approved chicken in all their venues across NSW, Victoria, WA and the ACT.

It’s thanks to people like you that we’re seeing this significant change in our dining out culture. Animal welfare is becoming a priority and an important part of many business’ procurement policies because it’s also important to their customers. To see which fantastic restaurants are serving RSPCA Approved on their menus check out this great blog.

It’s getting easier to find eggs that have come from hens living the good life
For a long time the egg aisle has been a confusing place for consumers who want to buy eggs that have been farmed humanely. That’s why we’re always excited to work with egg farmers looking to gain RSPCA Approval for their eggs because it means it will help make it easier for those consumers to make a mindful choice.

In 2018 the newest brand of RSPCA Approved eggs hit the shelves. Farmer Rod’s Free Range eggs are proudly farmed locally in NSW by the Pope family and are laid by hens that live a good life. Being RSPCA Approved means birds are cared for in accordance with the RSPCA’s detailed animal welfare standards, including regular on farm visits by the RSPCA to ensure the standards are being met.

Look for these good eggs in Harris Farm Market and About Life stores in NSW as well as the Carriageworks Farmers Market in NSW and Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets in the ACT.

Humane food recipes hit the shelves with the first RSPCA Approved cookbook
At the beginning of the year we were excited to collaborate with the Australian Women’s Weekly on our first RSPCA Approved cookbook, The Good Cook: Recipes for the conscious cook which proved to be popular with Australian consumers.

The cookbook features a range of delicious recipes that use RSPCA Approved eggs, chicken, turkey and pork, and is available online at World for Pets.

Coles introduced its own range of free range RSPCA Approved chicken
After leading the way 5 years ago as the first major supermarket in Australia to offer customers a range of RSPCA Approved chicken products nationally, in 2018 Coles introduced its own brand of free range RSPCA Approved chicken. While only new to their shelves and currently only stocked in NSW and Victorian stores its great news for conscious consumers.

Coles currently has the largest range of RSPCA Approved products in Australia.  Not only do they stock a wide range of RSPCA Approved chicken, pork and turkey (Christmas period) products under the Coles label, they’re also proudly stocking RSPCA Approved brand Happy Chicken Eggs.

More Australians choosing wisely, and sharing their favourite venues who are doing the same
In 2018 over 100 new restaurants and cafes signed up or were nominated by diners like you, to the RSPCA’s Choose Wisely directory, for serving humane food. Choose Wisely connects Australians with venues that use humanely-farmed ingredients, such as cage-free eggs, so that they can make informed decisions about where they eat out.

It’s exciting to see the directory continue to grow, as more restaurants and cafes are responding to community expectations and sourcing higher welfare ingredients. You can nominate a venue that you know are using cage-free eggs, or browse the businesses already listed here. You can also follow us on Instagram @rspcachoosewisely to see who’s serving humane food and what they’re dishing up.

Thank you for being part of another big year of enhancing farm animal welfare. From all of us at the RSPCA we’re grateful for every one of you that’s chosen humane food and supported the committed farmers and brands prioritising good animal welfare on their farms in 2018. Stay tuned for more big things to come in 2019!

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