5 years and counting – Nando’s committed to RSPCA Approved chicken

Over the last five years, Nando’s has been sourcing RSPCA Approved chicken for their Australian restaurants and we would like to say thanks!

The RSPCA established the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme as part of our efforts to improve the lives of Australia’s most intensively farmed animals. With detailed standards that are focused on improving animal welfare and informed by the best available science and evidence, as well as a certification process that’s tough and stringent, the Scheme is like no other in Australia. However, achieving change for farm animal welfare wouldn’t be possible without the commitment and dedication of farmers and brands who support their efforts.

Although they aren’t involved directly in farming meat chickens, brands like Nando’s play a key role in driving change for meat chicken welfare on Australian farms. When brands commit to sourcing from farms that have the RSPCA Approved certification, this shows producers the demand for higher welfare products, which means more farms transition to RSPCA Approved certification and we get closer to a future of higher welfare farming.

Since Nando’s started sourcing RSPCA Approved chicken in 2017, over 191 assessments have been conducted at farms that supply Nando’s with RSPCA Approved chicken.

These farms house meat chickens in sheds with enrichment like perches – which promote activity and increase leg health; quality, dry, friable litter – for foraging, scratching, and dust bathing; and good light periods to encourage activity and proper dark periods for rest. These, and over 300 other requirements, are assessed on farm 2-4 times per year by specially trained RSPCA Assessors to make sure the RSPCA’s Standard is being met. RSPCA Assessors also assess abattoirs which process RSPCA Approved meat chickens annually to check that over 100 requirements for slaughter are being met.

The RSPCA also assesses Nando’s as a brand against the RSPCA’s Chain of Custody Standard to verify that the chicken product they source has come from farms that are certified RSPCA Approved.

All of this just goes to show how much work is put in behind the scenes not only to rear RSPCA Approved meat chickens to a higher welfare standard for Nando’s, but also verify that the chicken on their customers’ plates has had a better quality of life and humane death.

So, thanks Nando’s for your commitment to meat chicken welfare over the last five years and into the future.

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