Choosing RSPCA Approved Chicken – In ways you might not expect

Many Australians know that if they choose to buy fresh chicken, and care about animal welfare, they should look for the RSPCA Approved certification on the pack. But what they may not know is all the other types of products where RSPCA Approved chicken is used! 

Meat chickens on farms with RSPCA Approved certification are provided with an environment that leads to better welfare by providing them with enrichment that allows their natural behaviours, good lighting periods that encourage them to be active, and proper dark periods for rest. To achieve the RSPCA Approved certification, not only do these farms need to meet RSPCA Standards, but they also have to undergo our robust assessment and certification process, which means farms are assessed 2-4 times a year.  

And while when most people think of RSPCA Approved chicken, they probably think of the meat aisle in their local supermarket, a variety of products from ready-made meals to stock and even pet food are now made with RSPCA Approved chicken.  

Pre-made sandwiches with RSPCA Approved chicken 

Coles, Coles Express, Starbucks and Woolworths source RSPCA Approved chicken for their pre-made sandwiches, giving consumers a higher welfare choice when they’re on the go and looking for that quick takeaway lunch.   

RSPCA Approved chicken stock 

Campbell’s sources RSPCA Approved chicken for its range of Real Stock Chicken, Real Stock Malaysian Laksa Base and Real Stock Thai Noodle Soup Base. 

That means that if you’re cooking with chicken stock, it’s easy to make a higher welfare choice.  

Ready meals 

If you’re buying ready-made meals in the supermarket with chicken as an ingredient, you can look for the RSPCA Approved certification in Coles and Woolworths. Both retailers have been working hard to not only have RSPCA Approved chicken across all their own-brand fresh products, but also where chicken is used as an ingredient – showing that their farm animal welfare commitments aren’t just for the fresh meat aisle.   

Pet food 

We’re a nation of pet lovers, with over 29 million pets in Australia.  Many pet owners care about how the food they put in their own basket was produced, and the same goes for the food they buy for their pets.  

Highgate sources RSPCA Approved chicken for its range of pet supplement food. Open Paddock sources RSPCA Approved chicken and turkey for their range of dog and cat products. Both ranges are available in Woolworths nationally and are third-party certified to meet the Australian Standard – AS5812 Manufacturing and marketing of pet food. 

Whether it’s the meat aisle at the supermarket or for those quick on-the-go meals, you can make a real difference by choosing products with the RSPCA Approved certification. 

From then to now 

The RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme has just celebrated its 25th birthday, and we’re proud that in that time it’s grown to become Australia’s leading independent certification scheme with a focus on animal welfare.  

We’re focused not only on raising the bar for farm animal welfare by continuously reviewing our Standards, in line with animal welfare science – but also about giving consumers more ways they can support higher welfare farming and encouraging more farms and brands to become RSPCA Approved. 

Our focus is on the welfare of animals on farm in Australia, and – whether it’s the meat aisle at the supermarket, pre-made sandwiches, stock, ready meals, or pet food – you can make a real difference by choosing products with the RSPCA Approved certification.  Read about our impact and how we’re raising the bar for farm animal welfare. 

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