Zeus Street Greek: food honestly and RSPCA Approved chicken this summer

Sharing family recipes, serving joy and making food that feels like home is what Zeus Street Greek is all about. And with RSPCA Approved chicken a hero on their summer menu it’s time to get excited. To mark the release of their new menu, we spoke to them about humane food and doing food honestly.

With 21 restaurants around Australia, Zeus Street Greek (ZSG) brings their family-oriented values to the way they prepare their food.

“Mediterranean hospitality is at the heart of all we do,” says Head of Marketing, Helen Griffiths. “We are dedicated to bringing the best Greek dishes to our customers with thoughtfully sourced ingredients.”

For ZSG, this means working with people and organisations that value quality, sustainability and integrity. They source vegetables from local growers and producers, including a family who have been farming potatoes for four generations. But of course, Greek food culture is known not just for its delicious fresh salads, it’s also famous for its meat.

With a focus on higher welfare farming, ZSG uses grass-fed lamb and since early 2017, the restaurant has been sourcing RSPCA Approved chicken too.

Helen says ZSG was familiar with the RSPCA Approved label from years of seeing it associated with brands including Coles, Woolworths and Grill’d. They decided that the focus of the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme tied in well with the restaurant’s own values. They liked the idea of supporting animal welfare, working with local farmers and offering customers chicken that had been humanely farmed.

Chickens on RSPCA Approved farms are given the freedom to express their natural bird behaviours, such as perching, foraging and dustbathing. They also have lower stocking densities inside barns, and good lighting which encourages birds both to be active and to rest when the time is right. RSPCA Approved farms are visited regularly by experienced assessors to ensure the animals are being cared for in adherence with the RSPCA’s animal welfare standards.

By sourcing RSPCA Approved chicken, Zeus Street Greek is prioritising humane food and animal welfare. And for Australians that choose humanely farmed in the supermarket, knowing that ZSG have the same values when it comes to the ingredients they choose is comforting.

And to top it off, Helen promises that customers can expect lots of flavour.

“We have been busy with our taste maker David Tsirekas improving our signature meat rubs to better get that smoky taste of Greece,” she says.

On the restaurant’s new summer menu, diners can enjoy RSPCA Approved chicken in a wrap, a schnitzel, from the spit or in one of ZSG’s popular Spartan boxes.

Visit the Zeus Street Greek website to find your nearest restaurant.

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