What We Can Teach Our Kids

Advocating for farm animal welfare is a big part of my life, so naturally I want my child to also know how important his food choices are.

Do you ever think back to the things we ate as kids? I sometimes remember the food choices I made (devon and tomato sauce sandwiches included!) and hope my son will do the same when he is older. Hopefully with a better understanding and appreciation of food and how it got to his plate.

Food education in the home and at school is becoming increasingly important for kids to help ensure they grow up healthy and strong. I believe teaching my son about the ethics of where his food comes from is an important element of this too.

Even his childcare centre has a vegie patch he can tend to, to help with learning about food production.

While I might cringe at the memory of ripping open a deli wrapper and eating devon while still sitting in the shopping trolley, I hope my son will have good memories of choosing food – and know why we’re buying cage-free eggs over cage eggs.

I want him to understand that if he chooses to eat meat, there are ways to look for products to know animals were farmed to better welfare standards – letting animals do the things they like to do.

Wishing you all a fab Easter!

Want more? Do you teach your kids about higher welfare food and the importance of animal welfare? This Easter start the cage-free conversation with the youngsters in your life by downloading our fun Cage Fighter kit!

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