What trends will we see in 2013?

More support for humanely farmed foods of course!

Humane Food has made the list of ‘100 Things to Watch for 2013’ – published by global advertising agency JWT. We’re not surprised it’s made the list – we know there’s more support for humanely farmed food then ever before – but it’s always nice to know you’re ‘on trend’ – particularly from an agency that has staff dedicated to the art of ‘trendspotting’. (It’s true!) Their US based Director of Trendspotting says so.

“Consumers will become more concerned about the humane treatment of the animals they eat, a trend that’s already underway in Europe. In the U.S., awareness began rising in 2012, as fast food retailers including McDonald’s pledged to push suppliers to phase out gestation stalls for pregnant pigs; California passed a ban on selling or producing foie gras; and meat giant Tyson Foods said it would start auditing suppliers’ farms for animal treatment. Watch for animal advocates to bring new issues to light and mainstream consumers to pay close attention”. 

From an Australian perspective – it’s great to see more higher welfare food becoming available.

Trends come and go – but improving the welfare of farm animals is clearly here to stay!

It’s easy to think that our actions as individuals won’t make a difference, this common thought couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to improving the lives of farm animals.  As a consumer, demanding humane food when shopping or eating out can make a difference to the lives of millions of farm animals.

So what can you do to help in 2013?

+ Australian retailers are listening to consumer demands for more higher welfare options and are working with farmers and the RSPCA’s Approved Farming Scheme to make this happen. Be sure to purchase RSPCA Approved food when shopping – and if you can’t find it – simply ask.

+ Demand humanely farmed food when eating out, including cafes, restaurants and fast food chains. 50% of Australia’s eggs are used in the food service and manufacturing sectors. The more people that ask for cage-free eggs, the more likely these businesses will make the switch (McDonald’s in the UK only uses cage-free eggs – it’s about time we saw this in Australia)!

It’s time for new year’s resolutions. Make sure yours is ‘on trend’ and support humanely farmed food throughout 2013.

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