TGI Fridays proudly sourcing RSPCA Approved chicken

TGI Fridays are now exclusively sourcing RSPCA Approved chicken for their restaurants across Australia.  

We’ve always sourced high-quality chicken from trusted Australian farms,” says TGI Friday’s CEO James Sinclair, “but this certification ensures all our chicken is raised to higher-welfare standards, and only from producers who are regularly assessed by the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme.”  

Sourcing chicken from producers with the RSPCA Approved certification means that the birds live in environments that meet their behavioural and physiological needs. For meat chickens, this means that they’re provided with space to move and flap their wings, perches that help maintain leg health, dry, quality litter in which to scratch and dust bathe, and good light and dark periods for activity and rest – meaning that meat chickens can do what comes naturally to them.    

These are just some of the requirements of the RSPCA Standard for meat chickens – 421 total requirements for good welfare that are backed up by a rigorous program of assessments conducted by specially trained RSPCA Assessors.   

Thank you, TGI Fridays, for caring for meat chicken welfare.    

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