Start a conversation this Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, many Australians will get together with family and friends to enjoy a Christmas feast. For those who choose to eat meat and eggs, roast chicken, turkey and ham are likely to be on the menu, as well as dozens of egg whites used in countless Pavlovas.

Being passionate about food and knowing where it comes from is an important part of appreciating the food on our plates. Be sure higher welfare meat and eggs are an option on this year’s menu.

Why animal welfare matters
Animals farmed and raised for food deserve a good life and to be treated humanely. Promoting higher welfare in farming is an important way to make a positive difference to the lives of millions of farm animals today.

Start a conversation this Christmas
This Christmas, avoid Uncle Bob’s lame jokes and dodge the boring weather analysis from your cousin’s +1 by getting to know your friends and family a little more with these farm animal inspired conversations starters.

Print off the conversation starters (single-sided), cut along the dotted line and punch out the hole in the top left corner. Tie a bit of string through the corner and hang around a drinking glass, napkin or fork.

Hope you have a happy and humane Christmas!

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