Starry Eyed at Starbucks: Raising the Bar for Animal Welfare

Behind the iconic Starbucks brand is a company that is making great progress in the sustainability and animal welfare space. For example, did you know that all of the chicken found in their handmade wraps, salads and sandwiches is now 100% RSPCA Approved? It’s good news for chickens across Australia and here’s why.

Starbucks are sourcing their chicken from farms that are raising the bar for animal welfare. By meeting the RSPCA’s detailed animal welfare standards and undergoing the rigorous certification process, these farms are ensuring animal welfare is a priority and that chickens have a better quality of life.

What a chook needs
Chickens on RSPCA Approved farms are encouraged to be active and do all the things they like to do, ultimately leading to better health and welfare.

Birds can perch (helping to keep their bones and muscles strong), dustbathe (shaking and rubbing dust through their feathers to keep them clean and healthy) and peck and forage (keeping them entertained). All while housed safely indoors with quality litter covering the floor, lighting that encourages birds to move around during the day and allows them to rest at night, and temperature controlled to keep birds comfortable.

Hear! Hear! to good eggs …
Starbucks have made big commitments for egg-laying hens too. If you fancy their Eggs Benedict Panini or classic Egg & Lettuce Sandwich the next time you’re out for brunch, you can be assured the eggs used are cage free and have come from hens who are free to move around, flap their wings and lay their eggs in a nest. Where eggs are used as an ingredient in say, muffins and sauces, Starbucks have committed to be 100% cage free in that department too, as of 2025.

On the run?
Life’s busy, we get it! All of Starbucks food options are available to takeaway, so you can choose higher animal welfare products even when you’re on the go. Or, if you need a brief break in between your busy schedule, treat yourself to a quick and tasty meal from a business that aligns with your values on animal welfare.

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