Shop Humane this Christmas

We can all enjoy our favourite festive food this Christmas and still care for the animals that provided it.

What better time than Christmas to make the switch to a humane alternative by purchasing higher welfare ham, turkey, chicken and eggs for our Christmas feast.

Keen, but not sure what to look for – here’s a run down of what humane food products to purchase this Christmas?

Firstly, it’s important that the higher welfare products you buy are certified by a trusted body like the RSPCA.

With so many products and messages in supermarkets it’s often difficult to know what to buy, let alone how it was produced. To help with this, the RSPCA encourages you to purchase food stamped with the RSPCA Paw of Approval.

Approved Farming is the RSPCA’s farm assurance and food labelling scheme dedicated to improving the welfare of Australia’s farm animals. So, here’s some tips to follow when shopping for humane food this Christmas.


Look for RSPCA Approved Coles Finest Free Range Fresh Turkey (available nationally) and Mt Barker Free Range Turkey (available in WA).


Look for bred free range or free range pork. RSPCA Approved brands of pork include:
+ Coles Finest fresh pork (available in ACT, NSW & VIC)
+ Primo fresh pork (available in ACT, NSW & VIC)
+ Otway pork (available ACT, NSW, VIC & SA)
+ Gooralie pork (available in QLD)
+ selected Wursthaus hams (available in TAS)

We hope to see RSPCA Approved pork in WA and NT soon.


Look for free range chicken certified by an independent organisation like the RSPCA.

RSPCA Approved chicken includes Mt Barker Free Range Chicken (available in WA). We hope to see RSPCA Approved chicken in other states early 2011.


Choose RSPCA Approved barn or free range eggs. RSPCA Approved brands of eggs include:
+ Coles Barn Laid (available nationally)
+ Rohdes Free Range, Compass Barn Laid and Modra’s Free Range (available in SA)
+ MMM Barn Laid (available in WA)
+ Sunny Queen Barn Laid and Silverdale Free Range (Available in QLD)

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