RSPCA Awards ‘Good Eggs’

8.5 million eggs is a hard number to comprehend – but that’s the combined total of cage-free eggs used by this year’s Good Egg Award winners.

The lives of tens of thousands of hens each year will be better thanks to these ‘Good Eggs’ – who are leading the way for hen welfare in their respective industries.

The Good Egg Award acknowledge major companies that make the switch to cage-free eggs. Our 2011 national Good Egg Award winners are:

Grill’d – Food Service category
The Coffee Club – Food Service category
The Pancake Parlour – Food Service category
Doodles Creek Mayonnaise – Manufacturing category
Da Vinci Foods – Manufacturing category
• The Canberra Hospital, Food Services Division – Public procurement category

These organisations have shown great leadership in their industry and we’d like to recognise  them for their commitment to animal welfare.

Consumers are becoming increasingly interested in how their food is produced, with two-thirds of shoppers concerned about hens in cages. Making the switch to cage-free eggs is  simply giving customers what they want. We encourage consumers to support Good Egg Award winners for showing they care about hens and leading the way by using cage free eggs!

The Good Egg Award began in the UK by Compassion in World Farming. Previous International Good Egg Award winners have included McDonalds UK, Subway UK and  Sainsburys supermarkets.

International winners tell us that receiving a Good Egg Award and helping to get hens  out of cages has made good business sense. It has also boosted staff morale, improved  brand image and reputation, and benefited their bottom line.

We are looking forward to seeing more Australian based organisations making the switch to cage-free.

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