Higher welfare Chicken

Soul Origin supporting higher welfare farming

Since launching in 2011, Soul Origin now boasts well over 100 stores. So that’s why their commitment to sourcing RSPCA Approved chicken is such a big deal and shows their dedication to a future of higher-welfare farming.

If you eat chicken from Soul Origin, this means that it comes from farms that have been certified by RSPCA Approved and means that Soul Origin supports a focus on continual improvement for the welfare of Australian meat chickens.

The RSPCA Approved Standard for meat chickens includes over 400 requirements and goes well beyond what’s legally required. Producers certified under the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme are assessed two to four times each year and abattoirs annually to make sure the standard is being met.

The RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme has strict and rigorous processes to ensure any product that carries the RSPCA Approved logo can be entirely traced back to farms and abattoirs that are regularly assessed against the RSPCA’s animal welfare standards. To do this, assessments of each business in the RSPCA Approved product supply chain are conducted against our publicly available Chain of Custody Standard.

Although this commitment means more work for all involved, it also means that animals benefit from being reared in higher-welfare environments and are able to experience a better quality of life. It’s a rigorous and detailed process to achieve RSPCA Approved certification – but it’s one that is making a real impact for farm animals in Australia.

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