RSPCA Approved Pork in Woolies…

It’s an interesting state of play in the Australian food scene.

Over decades, demand for cheap food fast has driven an incredible divide between the paddock and the plate, but the RSPCA believes a revolution is stirring with people increasingly curious about how and where their food is produced and about the animal that provides it.

We’re very proud to have a new range of RSPCA Approved fresh pork in Woolworths this month, so make sure you add it to your shopping list.

As more people are asking for higher welfare food, Australian farmers and retailers are listening and this new range is the latest RSPCA Approved product to hit the supermarket shelf. It’s available in all NSW Woolworths stores and selected VIC stores. We’d love to see this range available across Australia.

Simply look for the RSPCA Paw of Approval in the fresh meat section and ask for it if you’re having trouble finding it.

The RSPCA has farms around Australia that are monitored closely to ensure our high animal welfare standards are maintained and animals on these farms are provided with an environment that meets their behavioural and physiological needs.  For example, pigs on RSPCA Approved farms are reared, handled and transported with consideration and care and then slaughtered humanely.

The RSPCA Approved Free Range Primo pork is available in a variety of cuts, including cutlets, steaks, mince, fillets & yummy winter roasts.

You can enjoy your pork anyway you like when it’s RSPCA Approved.

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