RSPCA Approved chicken in Woolworths – what’s it all about?

RSPCA Approved products are now found on menus and in supermarkets and butchers Australia-wide, making it easier than ever to choose humanely farmed eggs, meat, and products with humanely farmed ingredients. Understandably though, many Australians want to know they are making a good choice and what the RSPCA Approved label actually means for animals and their welfare.

This November, we’re excited to show you the first of our Good Food short videos – a series featuring farmers, retailers and the RSPCA who will explain what farming to the RSPCA’s standards means for animals on farm.

To start, we’re featuring Australian supermarket Woolworths who have proudly offered RSPCA Approved chicken since 2014. For its range of Woolworths brand chicken products, the supermarket sources from farms that take pride in raising their birds in an enriched barn environment. For Woolworths, it’s important that chickens have space to move, good lighting that encourages them to be active, perch, dustbathe and forage. Birds also have a period of complete darkness, which ensures they can rest properly every day.

In these videos you’ll hear from our dedicated staff about RSPCA standards, Turi Foods about supplying Woolworths with a humanely farmed product, and a RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme Assessor about their part in raising the welfare standards in Australian chicken farming.

We hope you enjoy the videos and feel confident you’re making a good choice by choosing RSPCA Approved chicken. If you have a question, we’d love to hear from you, so post us your thoughts.

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