RSPCA Approved chicken in David Jones, what’s it all about?

Whilst David Jones is one of Australia’s most iconic brands and the go-to department store for many, unless you shop in Sydney or Melbourne you may be surprised to learn that David Jones offers their customers a huge range of fresh food. With five David Jones Food locations across the two cities, and a growing network through their partnership with BP, David Jones Food is set to take off across Australia.

Prioritising animal welfare
In keeping with David Jones’ strong corporate social responsibility ethos, the David Jones Food team have carefully curated supply chains that see animal welfare prioritised. All chicken products sold by David Jones Food come from RSPCA Approved farms. So, whether you’re picking up a rotisserie chicken, buying fresh chicken to cook at home or indulging in a prepared meal for an easy dinner, you can be confident that the chicken has come from a farm with a focus on welfare.

Chicken farming with a focus on welfare
Whether farmed indoors or with access to the outdoors, chickens on RSPCA Approved farms have the space and ability to do the things they like to do, such as dustbathing, perching and foraging. Being able to do these natural bird behaviours is key to enhancing the mental wellbeing of these animals, whilst also meeting their physical needs. For that added level of assurance that farms are meeting the detailed animal welfare standards set by the RSPCA, farms are assessed 2-4 times a year by RSPCA Assessors.

It’s eggs, turkey, pork, beef and lamb too!
The David Jones Food team are committed to supporting humane farming practices with higher welfare ingredients found across their prepared meals, and manufactured products. For instance, all eggs used as ingredients in David Jones’ ice cream, meals, salads and sandwiches come from cage-free hens. Many of the products that contain turkey and pork, source from free-range farms, and beef and lamb is grass fed too. With these higher welfare sourcing credentials, David Jones customers can be confident their values are supported when they shop at a David Jones Food location.

Convenience without compromise
David Jones’ partnership with BP, means that now customers can pick up David Jones’ prepared meals and other delicious goods at 10 locations across NSW and Victoria. Today’s on-the-go Australians are getting a glimpse of the future of food – convenience without compromising on quality and ethical sourcing – which is very exciting!

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