Put the Hen First on ‘World Egg Day’.

Today is World Egg Day, so let’s make the most of this opportunity to remind friends, family and workmates they can make a difference to the lives of hens by choosing cage-free eggs.

I note the irony of the the Australian Egg Corporation’s promotion of this year’s event – they’re offering consumers the chance to win a holiday… ironic because life’s certainly no holiday for millions of hens confined to cages in Australia. Denied their most natural needs – like laying their eggs in a nest. Hens in cages live a miserable existence. Each with less space than an A4 sheet of paper.

In Australia, the industrialisation of farming has cost layer hens dearly. The increase in demand and the need to produce food as efficiently and cost effectively as possible has resulted in many welfare compromises over the years – including barren battery cages for hens.

In Australia, there are approximately 16.3 million laying hens. Eleven million of these curious and busy birds are subjected to a life of continuous confinement in battery cages. It’s amazing to think that in 2012, over 70% of Australia’s hens are still stuck in cages. It’s time Australia put the hen before the egg and what better time to start than this World Egg Day.

We’re incredibly proud to work with layer hen farmers through the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme. These farmers are leading the way for better hen welfare through their barn and free range facilities and should be recognised for their dedication to higher welfare farming systems.

Hens are smart and inquisitive creatures and caged hens need our help – support the RSPCA’s activities to help get hens out of cages;

+ Choose RSPCA Approved eggs when shopping – if you cant find them, please ask your retailer to stock them
+ Purchase products that use cage-free eggs – such as Good Egg Award winners
+ Choose cafes/restaurants that Choose Wisely
Hens Deserve Better – learn more about hens and how you can help

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