Obrigado Oporto for choosing RSPCA Approved chicken

Famous for their Bondi burgers, Oporto have been capturing the hearts (and stomachs) of many Aussies with their fresh flame grilled chicken. Providing feel good food, not only means tasty delights but also ticking the box for animal welfare. Which is why Oporto now serves 100% RSPCA Approved chicken!

Oporto CEO, Craig Tozer, sat down with us to share more about the company and what the switch to RSPCA Approved chicken means.

So, Oporto’s have been growing exponentially across Australia, and even internationally, but where exactly did it all begin?
Oporto has truly come a long way, and we are blessed with this rich history that many of our customers are not aware of. Our authentic roots stem from the incredible stories and flavours that our founder Antonio Cerqueira brought with him to our Australian shorelines when he migrated from Porto in Portugal to Bondi, Sydney, in 1986.

And throughout its growth, what values are important to Oporto?
Our values are centred around making a difference by serving fresh and unique flavours, inspired by our Portuguese roots and influenced by our Australian upbringing. We are customer fanatics and our goal is to deliver a craveable, feel good food experience with every interaction.

Australian consumers are increasingly more aware of where and how their food is produced, and as Oporto uses a lot of chicken, it makes sense to want to ensure those birds are treated right! What does it mean to Oporto to have its chicken RSPCA Approved?
RSPCA Approved means that chickens are farmed with a focus on good welfare. Having independent external certification means Oporto can trust that our chickens are sourced from farms prioritising animal welfare. For us, better welfare equates to better quality food, that our customers can feel good eating.

So you’re ticking the box for animal welfare, how do you keep your customers happy?
We are always striving to surprise and delight our customers both in the flavours of our food and their experience, whether it be in store, through delivery or even on the go. We believe in building relationships with our customers, and our Flame Rewards program is one the ways we try to do this. We use our Flame Rewards program to reward the Bondi Burger loyalists and those who are new to the game when they dine with us. Our members have access to exclusive offers, news and competitions.

And lastly, can you tell us, why is the Oporto chilli sauce just so legendary?
Our Original Chilli sauce is like no other. One of the great things about the OC is how it delivers not only an unreal taste experience, but you feel good after eating it. This is because we based it off Antonio’s original recipe, which encompasses chilli, ginger, lemon, garlic and oil. It’s even more legendary because it goes with everything.

RSPCA Approved farms supplying Oporto take pride in raising their meat chickens in an enriched barn environment. Chickens enjoy more space to move, good lighting and can perch, dustbathe and forage – which ultimately leads to better welfare. So customers can tuck into that Bondi burger knowing the chicken sourced has led a good life.

For more information on Oporto check out their story.

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