Mr Lee’s bringing their ‘no worries, eat happy’ philosophy to higher welfare ingredients

Many Australians may not think about where the ingredients in their favourite cup-a-noodle meals come from – but there’s one brand that is putting quality and animal welfare at the center of their products.

Mr Lee’s Pure Foods Co. are upping the ante for noodle soups everywhere, sourcing RSPCA Approved chicken in their Coconut Curry Laksa and Tai Chi Chicken noodle flavours. Now, Australians can enjoy convenience, quality and flavour while also knowing they’re supporting good welfare for chickens.

For Damien Lee, founder of Mr Lee’s, serving humane ingredients is a no-brainer, and aligns closely to the company’s mission of helping consumers eat healthier and smarter without compromising on flavour. This mission evolved from Damien’s experience with late stage-4 terminal cancer, which galvanized him to offer Australians a healthy alternative to junk convenience products.

As well as being passionate about healthy food, Mr Lee is an animal lover. Alongside the two vegan products produced by the brand, it was a no-brainer to source RSPCA Approved chicken to ensure that they are supporting chicken welfare.

RSPCA Approved chicken farms raise birds in environments that cater to their behavioural and physical needs. Birds are able to stretch, perch, flap their wings, socialize, dust bathe and forage, all of which are behaviours necessary for happy and healthy chickens. Knowing that their chickens have lived good lives contributes to the positive culture and impact that drives Mr Lee’s as a brand.

Interestingly, Mr Lee’s are proving that brands can source higher welfare chicken, even when they aren’t producing fresh products. Mr Lee’s use a freeze-drying process to preserve their chicken ingredients, which allows their products to retain the nutritional value of the meat, as well as the flavour. Despite the extra cost of this process, Mr Lee’s is proud to offer one of the healthiest noodle cups available.

When they’re not creating delicious cup-a-noodles for Australians to devour, the Mr Lee’s team enjoys hanging out with their three office dogs, and supporting other animal welfare charities with in-kind support (and noodles!) whenever they can.

Find out more at Mr Lees Noodles website

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