Misty and her lucky hens

This year has seen lots of discussion around hens and eggs and it’s great to see the hard work and dedication of Silver Dale Eggs’ Poultry Supervisor Misty Burgess recognised by the poultry industry – winning Trainee of the Year from the Australian Egg Corporation.

The RSPCA was delighted to hear the news! It’s fantastic to see the industry recognise Misty who is passionate about bird welfare and her commitment to ensuring high animal welfare standards can only be a good sign for the future of layer hens!

Silver Dale Eggs is run by a family with a long history in cattle farming who got into poultry as an environmentally friendly way to improve the grass and soil on their property.

The chooks at Silver Dale Eggs are farmed to the RSPCA’s Standards. They’re never confined and have the ability to move, scratch and dust bathe in an outdoor environment all day long! When the chooks feel like perching, eating grain (sourced locally to keep food miles low) or getting cosy in a nest to lay their eggs they have easy access to purpose built mobile trailers. These trailers are regularly moved so that the hens always have access to fresh grass.

Misty took a moment out of her busy day to tell us about why she enjoys her work.

“I love my job because it’s not just about the eggs! It’s all about the animals and caring for the environment.

We love to make sure that our chickens get the best of the best. That their environment closely mimics that of a natural one, we believe that healthy chickens are happy ones, and happy chickens produce good eggs.

At the same time our chickens are producing natural fertilizer and digging it into the ground for us. This helps improve and regenerate the soil so it can grow super nutritious grass and plants for the chickens and the cattle, so it’s a win win situation.

I think that if everyone let their layer hens have access to the outdoors we’d be improving the land all over Australia (or the World!) and all the chickens out there would be able to enjoy their days chasing bugs, dust bathing, eating grass and doing all of the things that chickens do best.

That’s why I love working at Silver Dale Eggs!”

The RSPCA is inspired by Misty’ enthusiasm and commitment to farming hens to higher animal welfare standards. We’re also confident that through continued consumer support small businesses, like Silver Dale Eggs that are dedicated to animal welfare, can grow and as demand for higher welfare increases more brands will look for ways to improve how animals are cared for on their farms.

Consumers can make a big difference. We’ve seen this recently with retailers responding to growing consumer demands for higher welfare food. So if you can’t find a higher welfare option when shopping at your local supermarket, butcher or when dining out, it’s worthwhile asking!

If you’re interested in reading more about Misty please see this article www.gladstoneobserver.com.au/news/an-eggcellent-result/2096371/

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