Mavericks: Taking flight on higher welfare

Mavericks has recently opened their first store in Caringbah, taking flight on higher welfare. As part of this, they’re sourcing chicken farmed to a higher welfare standard, with certification by RSPCA Approved. 
These farms raise meat chickens in an enriched environment with perches to promote activity and improved leg health; dry, friable litter for foraging, scratching and dust bathing; good lighting periods to encourage activity, with complete periods of darkness for rest; and much more. All of these, and over 300 other requirements are assessed on farm two to four times per year by specially trained RSPCA Assessors to make sure the RSPCA’s Standard is being met. 

Brands such as Mavericks play a key role in driving change for meat chicken welfare in Australia by demonstrating their commitment to sourcing from farms that have the RSPCA Approved certification. This shows producers that there’s consumer demand for higher-welfare products and encourages more producers to seek certification – the result being more animals farmed to a higher-welfare standard.  

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