Magdalena Roze wants a brighter forecast for Aussie hens

Magdalena Roze is passionate about helping the 11 million hens still living in cages in Australia. She is a proud Set a Sister Free ambassador and is spreading the word about hen welfare and the importance of choosing cage-free eggs and products.

Magdalena is often in the media spotlight as a professional meteorologist and television personality. Magdalena sees her position as an opportunity to help make a difference to issues that are close to her heart. “I made a pledge to myself many years ago that if I ever had the opportunity to use my position for good and influence positive change then I would do everything I can to try and make a difference,” Magdalena says.

Animal welfare has long been a passion for Magdalena with a family farming background and a keen interest in sourcing higher welfare food. “My parents were farmers back in Europe and I was lucky to grow up in Australia eating mainly traditional, home-cooked food, so when I was old enough to understand what higher welfare food was about it became important to me,” Magdalena explains. “

I also studied agriculture in high school which also provided me with a stronger connection to the food I eat and respect for the people, environment and animals involved. I’m very passionate about food and have an interest in where it comes from and how it’s produced.”

“This is something that, fortunately, a lot of people care about these days and I believe that people are willing to pay extra to buy food that’s ethically produced. While we’ve taken really big steps towards higher animal welfare in food production, there’s still a lot to be done, “Magdalena says.

Magdalena believes changing shopping habits and consumer power will help pave the way to better welfare, and she wants to continue to be a part of that. “As consumers, we have significant power when it comes to making caged hens a thing of the past and I want to do whatever I can to help make that happen. Plus, I love food and happy chooks make tastier eggs!”

Magdalena Roze promoting the importance of higher welfare food in New Idea:

Magdalena Roze promoting the importance of higher welfare food in New Idea.

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