Lucky Chicken Eggs kicking goals for women

Today is International Women’s Day, so we wanted to bring you a heart-warming tale that brings together gender equality and animal welfare – specific to one of the biggest female workforces in the country, layer hens!

Valley Park Farm who produces RSPCA Approved eggs Lucky Chicken Eggs are proud of putting hens first on their farms. Their free ranging girls have every opportunity to do the things they enjoy, with their welfare always a top priority, just the way we like it.

Valley Park Farm is also proud of their mainly female workforce, with 65% of people they employ in regional Victoria being women.

Now, the brand is extending their ethos to supporting women in (and on!) other fields, by partnering up with the AFL Coaches Association to fund the Women’s Coaching Crusade. Currently, there are no women head coaches in AFLW, and this is something the League and Lucky Chicken Eggs wants to see change. This scholarship is designed to fast track AFLW Players into coaching pathways that will lead them to coaching opportunities at the highest level.

What does all this mean? Supporting Lucky Chicken Eggs is a win for women in sport, agriculture and most importantly our feathery egg-laying sisters.

Find out more about the Women’s Coaching Crusade by looking for Lucky Chicken Eggs in store. Exclusive to Coles, the Lucky Chicken Eggs carton features trail blazers and current AFLW assistant coaches, Natalie Wood (Geelong), Shannon McFerran (Carlton), Jane Lange (Melbourne) and Lauren Morecroft (North Melbourne)!

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