Let’s talk about humane food

Here’s ‘cheers’ to a new year! If last year is anything to go by, 2015 will see continued improvements to the welfare of farm animals and greater interest and understanding of how animals are raised for food. This shift has come about because compassionate consumers like you are choosing higher welfare when shopping and dining out. Committed retailers, brand owners and farmers are listening and are providing higher welfare options.

While there’s progress, there is still a long way to go, this is especially true for millions of pigs and layer hens in Australia – so we need to keep up the pressure and be sure farm animal welfare is the topic of conversation and humane food is on the menu.

So, as you settle into 2015, be excited about the difference you can make to improving the lives of farm animals by supporting humanely farmed food. Be sure to talk to your family and friends about how they can make a difference too and join in the conversation with us – we’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas for 2015. Remember to subscribe to our blog to receive automatic updates (fill in your details at the top of this page).

Here’s to celebrating a humane year ahead!
From Heather and the RSPCA Australia team

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