From humble beginnings: La Ionica and RSPCA Approved

La Ionica places great importance on ensuring their meat chickens are raised to better standards of animal welfare, from growing through to transport and processing – and this is now easily communicated to their customers by the RSPCA Approved logo on their packaging.  

When you see the RSPCA Approved logo on La Ionica products, this means the farms have met our detailed animal welfare standards – standards which are all checked through our robust and stringent assessment and certification process. All of this drive’s meaningful improvements to meat chicken welfare now and into the future.

“The welfare of our meat chickens has always been at the heart of our operations, however with the guidance and support of the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme, we have been able to enhance our farming practices, implementing a range of improvements to create a more enriching environment for our birds. From providing ample space for movement and natural behaviours to ensuring comfortable housing conditions, together we are dedicated in continuing to put the wellbeing of our chickens first.”

– The La Ionica Animal Welfare Team

While the RSPCA Approved meat chicken Standard goes above and beyond what’s legally required here in Australia, the aim is also to set farms on a path of continuous improvement.  With every review of the standard, the RSPCA and certified Producers can continually work together to improve meat chicken welfare, all leading to our vision of a future of higher welfare farming.

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  1. Lynette Hurkmans says:

    I’d love to be able to give more than the $20 monthly, but with high rental accommodation it’s all I can afford on the pension.
    How is the live sheep export petition going?
    Keep up the good work guys, where would animals be without your voice? Thank you, Lyn Hurkmans

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