Ingham’s committed to meat chicken welfare

Ingham’s is a proud producer of RSPCA Approved chicken and being the largest integrated poultry producer across Australia and New Zealand, the company meeting the RSPCA’s detailed animal welfare Standard is a big deal for meat chicken welfare in Australia.

Creating change in animal production systems can be a slow process and doesn’t happen overnight. Working closely with their customers and the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme, Ingham’s have worked hard to modify their systems and transition their farms to meet the RSPCA’s Standard – which they have done in 100% of their sheds since 2014. With Ingham’s being such a large producer of chicken meat, meeting the Standard is making a tangible difference to the lives of meat chickens in Australia.  

The RSPCA’s Standard for meat chickens has over 300 requirements for the inside of the shed alone, meaning that birds are provided with an enriched environment that provides for their needs. This includes:

  • Having perches so that birds can perform their natural perching behaviour, rest and keep their bones and muscles strong
  • Providing more space per bird so that they have the freedom to move around the shed and space to flap their wings
  • Ensuring good lighting periods to encourage activity, and then proper darkness to allow rest
  • Having quality, dry, friable litter where birds can forage and dust bathe
  • Enrichment objects for birds to peck at and explore

In 2021 alone, over 340 assessments were conducted at Ingham’s farms and abattoirs by RSPCA Assessors to make sure these requirements and the RSPCA’s Standard are met.

It’s been great to partner with the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme team in improving animal welfare outcomes on 100% of our meat chicken farms across Australia for almost 10 years. As a veterinarian, I am a passionate advocate for ensuring our birds are cared for to a higher standard of welfare, and I believe that the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme has helped our business to drive continuous improvement of the welfare of our birds.”  

Dr Andrew Walsh, General Manager of Veterinary Health and Welfare at Ingham’s. 

Meeting the RSPCA’s Standard requires continuous improvement and dedication to animal welfare. So, when you see the RSPCA Approved certification on Ingham’s products you can be sure that the chicken has been raised with welfare in mind.

Thoughts from RSPCA Approved

“Here at the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme, we’ve worked with Ingham’s for nearly a decade on improving meat chicken welfare. In that time, we’ve always been impressed with the company’s professionalism to animal welfare and dedication of their team to evolving the business. Excitingly, all Ingham’s meat chicken sheds are certified to our indoor requirements, and we’re continuing to work with their free-range farms to get them certified to our outdoor requirements. It’s not an easy job, so well done Ingham’s.”

Talulah Gaunt, Manager – RSPCA Approved

Find out more about the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme and our impact here. 

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    Great news

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    Wonderful informative articles.

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    That’s good news! Ingham should advertise more on their supermarket product packaging about being RSPCA approved.

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