Humane hits the list of 2011 top food trends

Forget about perfecting the macaroon tower or the oozing lava in your chocolate fondant – that was so last year!

Humane food has hit the hot list of top food trends in 2011.

It was music to my ears to recently read US-based food-trends expert Phil Lempert’s thoughts on the “humane food movement”  – “‘Humane’ is one of those hot spots that may surpass organic foods,” he says  “People have discovered that organic doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s healthier or better. What we’ve discovered is people are being more conscious about where their food comes from and a new focus on humane.”

Now of course, these are some US trends, but we’re finding the exact same thing in Australia. People are questioning what labels and packaging actually mean – they’re asking the RSPCA which eggs, chicken and pork they should purchase and are becoming more conscious of the conditions of Australia’s farm production animals.

The RSPCA has been working in this area for well over a decade (we’re proud to be well ahead of the trend on this one).

Our humane food initiatives form part of our efforts to improve the welfare of farm production animals. We aim to increase the number of animals farmed in higher welfare production systems and to increase the market share of higher welfare products available to consumers…some said it would never happen – but looks like it’s finally catching on.

Free Range, organic, cage-free – these terms don’t necessarily equal humane. For example, cage eggs could be fed organic feed and labelled ‘organic’. Free Range hens might have an outside area to roam but there’s so many crammed in a shed that they can’t get to the door. It’s important to find out the standards (or conditions) which the animals are farmed to – and whether they’re certified by an independent and reputable body.

Look for RSPCA Approved food at your butcher or retailer and if you can’t find it – ask for it!  The RSPCA’s Approved Farming Standards are publicly available on our website

To find your nearest stockist visit the RSPCA Approved website

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